Thursday, April 4, 2013

Westerns on Sale at Warner Archive

Warner Archive is running a sale on its classic Westerns this week, and all I can really say in response to that news is "Yeehaw!" Oaters are at the top of my list this spring, especially after a recent trip out West to see the haunts of legendary cowboys and lawmen, both real and Hollywood-made. I'll be talking about some of those places here and over at Examiner, in the National Classic Movies column, over the next few weeks.

Denise Darcel and Robert Taylor - Warner Archive

In the meantime, let me encourage you to pop on over to Warner Archive and check out the sale-priced Westerns now available (with free shipping, too!). The Archive sent me some publicity stills from one of the selected Westerns, Westward the Women (1951), quite a while back, and I'm thrilled to see the picture included in the current sale. If you think Westerns are a masculine domain, Westward the Women will change your mind in a hurry. I'm sharing one of the stills here in the hopes that it will encourage you to look up this fantastic women's Western, which is absolutely worth the current sale price of $12.95, especially because it's so hard to get anywhere else (you won't even find it on DVD from Netflix).

You can also read my full review of Westward the Women on Examiner, as well as reviews of plenty of other classic Westerns. Also included in the Warner Archive sale is the Clark Gable picture, Across the Wide Missouri (1951), which is worth watching not only for its star but for narration by Howard Keel and the spectacle of Ricardo Montalban as a half-naked Native American.

I think I'll mosey on over to the Archive and browse the sale one more time before I saddle up with Rex Allen for an afternoon of cowboys and KoKo on Netflix Instant!

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