Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Cinematic Alphabet

Since I enjoyed reading other people's cinematic alphabets, I had to make my own. Of course, my choices are mostly classic movies, but I threw in some more recent films for those tricky last letters. I'm only listing movies I know well, and for the most part they are the ones that I think are the most "fun" for that letter. If I have a review of the film over on Examiner, then the link is provided, too. I have written about a lot of these for the book I am writing, but I'm trying to save that material just for the book!

A is for Arsenic and Old Lace
B is for Bringing Up Baby
C is for Cat People
D is for Double Indemnity
E is for Eyes Without a Face
F is for Forbidden Planet
G is for Gilda
H is for High Noon
I is for It Happened One Night
J is for Jezebel
K is for Kitty Foyle
L is for Laura
M is for The Mark of Zorro
N is for The Night of the Hunter
O is for On the Town
P is for The Philadelphia Story
Q is for The Quiet Man
R is for Rio Bravo
S is for Sunset Boulevard
T is for The Third Man
U is for The Usual Suspects
V is for Vertigo
W is for The Wolf Man
X is for Xanadu
Y is for Young Frankenstein
Z is for Zatoichi


  1. Glad you did one :) wasn't it fun?

  2. I haven't seen many of these movies, but definitely kudos for G, I, V!

  3. Jack, it was a lot of fun! It's hard to pick just one movie for each letter - my "M" list could have gone on forever. Lesya, thanks for taking the time to read through it - I went with "Gilda" (which I love) because I thought enough people had already picked "Gone with the Wind" for "G." :)